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We are excited about your family session and we want you to feel prepared and as excited as we are! The best family sessions are those where the family is there to have a great time. They may think a lot about where they want to shoot and what they want to wear, but when they arrive they are down for pretty much anything. We are here to help make this happen. This guide was developed not only to help you plan, but to help you relax and enjoy the process. 


This is the first question everyone always has when planning for their photo session, and often can be the source of stress. Planning an outfit should not be stressful at all! We are here to support you, so if you'd like to send some ideas our way, please do! We can help you choose pieces that will photograph well and create timeless photographs for you and your family. Here are our tips for choosing fabulous outfits:

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Color Coodination:

Consider the season:

Limit Patterns


Bring an Extra Change of Clothes

avoid graphic prints

Keep it Classic


Staying within the same color family is encouraged for families. For example, stay with all jeweled tones or all pastels. If one people is wearing lime green amongst a family of pastels, visually your eye will be distracted by the shirt, not your expressions and connection.

Fall and Spring are the most common seasons for family pictures. For a fall color palette, you’re going to be looking at more muted colors, such as browns and tans with a hint of color from a burnt orange or maroon. In the springtime, you’ll probably want to wear brighter colors, such as yellow and pink!

We often have time for a quick outfit changes for most sessions, but for families with little ones we recommend having an extra change of clothing for you AND your kids. You never know when an accident will strike. 

This is a simple one, graphic t-shirts are distracting and usually have their own message. We want the message to be focused on you!

Accessories are fun and encouraged! However, to much may distract from the main subject... YOU! Hats, sunglasses, shawls and beads can work as fun props for pictures, but if we ask to take them off for a few shots it's only because we want a variety of looks and styles. 

These photos are going to hang on your wall for years to come. Wearing simple, classic clothing will help your artwork stay timeless.

We love a fun pattern, but be careful when dressing a whole family. Subtly mix a pattern in with solid colors. Remember coordination is key, not matching.

Undergarments can be your best friend or worst enemy. Make sure they fit properly and do not show through your outfit.

Where will we photograph?

We can photograph you in studio, in your home, or at a location of your choice! This will be discussed during our phone call with you. If for some reason this is unclear, make sure to call us immediately. If you are looking for some options check out some of our recent shoots:

Our midtown studio is one of the most popular options because our studio setting allows us to focus on the emotional connection between you and your family. These photographs create stunning and timeless artwork for you home. A controlled indoor environment also takes away all distractions that on location shoots can bring, especially for little ones. Kids are easily distracted by shiny things and will want to explore. The studio is a safe place with there will want to focus on interacting with you while all other distractions fade away. Plus, with our in-house editor, studio sessions can have a same day design consult!

Downtown Sacramento

UC Davis Arboretum

Your Home

Folsom Lake

Midtown Murals

Roseville Greenbelt

Our Midtown Studio

On Location in the Greater Sacramento Area

Our Midtown Studio

What will the weather be like?

This is a biggie when it comes to wet weather shoots. We can and have shot in light rain and in fact they have been some of our favorite shoots, however, not everyone is a fan of getting wet. If it is really raining we will want to move your shoot to another day, because grey skies just aren't the prettiest. If there are open clouds and streams of light, with a bit of misting then that will work if you guys are down. This also goes for snow. We don't mind shooting in snow if you are ok with it, however if the light is flat then the pictures will be as well. We also need to consider safety driving back and forth, so we will go over this with you if the weather is varying a lot. 

The heat can be a beast to work with. We try not to shoot outdoor family sessions on days that are over 95 degrees. It is just TO DARN HOT! You will be sweating and red and everyone will be uncomfortable. During the super hot season (June - August) we tend to shoot in our studio with the A/C on high!

Do I need to sit on something?

We may ask you to sit on a rock, bench, grass, or anything else that looks awesome. Sometimes objects in the public are not as clean as we may like. Here are a few ideas to help:

1. Bring a blanket you don't mind getting a little dirt on, but still looks good in pictures.
2. Bring a very small rag/handkerchief to put under your outfit so you don't get it dirty. 
3. Don't care! 

Yes! We love to photograph your fur babies. They are very often apart of your families and should be in your pictures. We do ask a few things as to not distract form your overall experience and take away from your time. 

1. Bring another person to help contain the animal when they are not to be in the shot.
2. Bring treats and/or toys but keep them hidden until we ask for them! Treats can be a huge distraction if pulled out to early, we want your pet to interacting with you instead of treat driven.
3. Bring a leash/carrier, most places are going to require your pet to be on a leash. A carrier helps keep him or her safe while we focus on getting some shots of just the humans.
4. Check to be sure your location is cool with pets. Some locations may specify 'no animals'.

Can I bring my dog-cat-bird-snake?

Should I bring Food?

Yes! Water and snacks are advised for outdoor shoots. Generally out family sessions are less than 30 minutes but with little ones snacks can keep them happy and smiling. For sessions at our studio, we have water and snacks for you!

Who should be at the shoot?

This is always up to you, however we are going to focus on capturing everyones individual story. Parents, partners, siblings and fur family are all encouraged. Everyone has a role and we want to celebrate those roles to their fullest. We will discuss who will be in the shoot during your phone call. 

What should I expect?

Family shoots can be a bit overwhelming and let's be honest, you will have people looking at you. We come with lighting and a pretty hefty camera, so we tend to draw a little attention. Don't worry though, we promise you will have fun. The best pictures are the ones of you guys just having fun. Laughing, kissing, hugging, thinking. We WILL pose you when needed and direct you throughout the day. THAT IS OUR JOB! You show up and just enjoy. We are hired to get great images, and we always do. Don't over think it. Time flies and at the end of the day you will realize it wasn't so bad, and that you actually had a great time. Just trust us when we ask you to do something that may be a little out of your comfort range. Most of the time we are trying to get a genuine smile and connection. 

More tips and tricks






How does the design consultation work?

Your personalized design consultation is where we take the photos that we created for you and turn them into timeless and invaluable wall art, portrait boxes and albums for you to cherish for a lifetime. This is a very special session as it allows for discovery and connection and self refection. THIS is where we see connections made and lives transformed as you are able to see yourself and those you love the most captured in a way that best tells your life story. For this reason we require all decision makers to be present and ask that you arrange childcare for small children. All final decisions will be made during this time in regards to your photos. 

Matted prints make the perfect gifts for friends and family. Classic and beautiful, all of our prints are printed on the finest paper encased in a white matted ready to be framed. Each image you choose will be printed at 8x10" on luster or metallic paper. Then carefully matte in a beautiful white matte to preserve your image. Matted prints are ready to be inserted into your very own 11x14" frame. 

Material: Luster or Metallic Print
Cost: $125 per Matted Print or 5 for $475

Matted prints



Box Size: 17"w X 14.5"t (depth varies)
Print Size: 8”x10” Prints matted to 11”x14”
Finish: Leather
Price: $100 per matted print when included in the box

Each portrait box holds up to 30 individual matted prints. Keep them in the portrait box and rotate the top display image or place a couple in frames. It's completely versatile!

lay flat albums

The family album is by far the most universal album we have to offer. Coming in at a size of 8x12" it's the perfect album for family sessions, maternity sessions, engagement sessions, and even makes the perfect smaller version of your wedding albums for your parents! 

These petite albums are handmade in Poland and feature thick Fuji Pearl paper for imagery that is rich and true to color. Plus, with a large variety of cover options it's easy to create an album that suites your family's style!

Cover Materials: Leather, Textile, or Duo
Cover Options: In-lay image or embossed text - Holds up to 40 Spreads
Prices Start at $800


If you are looking for traditional framed prints, choose from our large inventory of styles and frames to create a custom look for your images. Our framing options are completely customizable and can be printed up to 34”x44”. Each framed print comes matted, sealed with high-quality plexiglass for great clarity and scratch-resistance. They are completely ready to hang with a wire-backing. 

Cost: $325 - $2,000
Size: 8”x10” - 30”x40”


wall art

Printed in Italy, our wall art displays are made from only the finest materials and highest print quality to give you a display ready piece of artwork celebrating your story. Choose from the modern acrylic finish that captures vibrant colors and precise details, or the classic and beautiful canvas for an artistic touch to your home. Each piece of art is handcrafted and mounted on a rigid monoblock frame with an easy to hang mounting system for a fully finished and refined look that will stand the test of time. 
The canvas is highly resistant waxed fabric featuring a lustrous finish. The specific manufacturing process ensures an extremely smooth and easy to clean surface.

Available in both Glossy and Matte finish, the Acrylic Pro reaches impressive dynamic ranges. Whether you prefer the play of light and reflection of a perfectly shiny surface or the purity of an anti-glare protected image, Acrylic Pro will make the most of your images. 


Composites are beautiful pieces of artwork composed of multiple images on one piece of mounted acrylic or metal. With a variety of shapes and sizes, composites can be displayed almost anywhere!

Materials: Acrylic Gloss, Acrylic Matte, or Canvas
Prices starting at $1,400

The olympic


The Canyon



The Sequoia

5 image composite

The Arcadia



Collections are larger displays with each image printed on separate panels, coming together to create one unified work of art. These collections are perfect for larger spaces, such as over a couch or bed.

Materials: Acrylic Gloss, Acrylic Matte, Metal, or Premium Canvas
Prices starting at $2,700

The yosemite

5 piece collection

The redwood

4 piece collection

The Zion

4 piece collection

The Denali

3 piece collection

We know you are excited to share your images on social media and we want you to post them! That’s why anything you choose to print we will gift you the social media sharing file! This file is available at 2,048 px on the long edge which is the ideal size for posting Facebook and Instagram and for small prints like holiday cards.













1. Discovery call & planning session
2. Photographic session
3. Personalized design consultation
4. A $600 Print credit to be put towards your final art pieces

1. Discovery call & planning session
2. Photographic session
3. Personalized design consultation
4. An $1800 Print credit to be put towards your final art pieces

1. Discovery call & planning session
2. Photographic session
3. Personalized design consultation
4. A $2800 Print credit to be put towards your final art pieces

Each package is designed with final art in mind. The bigger the package the more you save!
THe sky is the limit on what we can help you design.